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  • ·Application and Development of Flyaway Satellite Station in News Gathering System

    1. Introduction
    Building a video news gathering system which is comprehensive, three-dimensional and multi-echelon has been put on the construction schedule. The system can expand business in a maximum limit and improve real-time transmission capacity of audio and video business, secure a leading position in news gathering technology field. The construction goal of complete system is an integrated ground-space network. It makes full use of the advantage of on-...
  • ·0.9 M or 1.2 M Ku-band Automatic Flyaway Antenna

    The characteristics of antenna system performance are as follows:
    1.       The antenna is shaped and assembled by four pieces of aluminum panels, with characteristics of large rigidity, light weight, high precision of profile, and convenient assembly.
    2.       The antenna is packed in a case, which is convenient to carry, suitable for long highway transportation and taken by two people.
    3. ...
  • ·A New Type of Automatic Flyaway Antenna

    Antesky Science Technology Inc. develops A New Type of Automatic Flyaway Antenna(ACF-100K)in view of market demand. The equipment has characteristics of small volume, light weight, simple usage, quick deployment and storage, automatic pointing and tracking, which is integrated in a firm aluminum alloy box. It can be portable or backpack and suitable for field work environment. The system adopts one key operation mode, which is automatic pointing to realize communication according to the ...

  • ·What is Backpack/Portable Flyaway Auto Pointing Antenna

      Backpack/portable flyaway auto pointing satellite communication antenna system allows one personnel to take and operate, which is a type of portable wideband satellite communication antenna system. The whole antenna is highly integrated and can be disassembled in a backpack or an aviation case, allow one person to take to any place. Take out the whole antenna system and assemble it rapidly, and then press one button, the whole satellite communication antenna system ...
  • ·1.2M Flyaway Antenna Station Applied in News Gathering

    1.2M flyaway antenna, the news gathering terminal of flyaway satellite station can quickly establish satellite link in the news site, realizing real-time report of mobile audio-video news information. After practical application in many important news reports, it has played a vital role and achieved good effect, which realize the construction goal basically.
    In order to make flyaway satellite news gathering more suitable for news gathering, to make it play far important role, ...
  • · Earth Station Antenna New Technology

    I Brief Introduction
    Satellite communication earth station antenna is one important aspect of antenna field. With the continuous development of satellite communication, technology of antenna used in satellite communication earth station has developed rapidly.
    Firstly, it is development of antenna frequency. It develops from C-band to Ku-band. And it also opens satellite communication business at L, S, and X-band. Especially in ...
  • ·7.3M earth station antenna access preparation

    1 Access network preparation
    Firstly, the earth station antenna user should propose the application for Intelsat. Access network earth station user will be informed a week earlier after Intelsat approves and sets access network time and satellite apply, in order that users of access network earth station have enough time to prepare. Thus access network is not in a hurry and unsuccessful so that it doesnt waste time and opportunity. Before earth station antenna enters Intelsat...
  • ·1.2M Auto Pointing Flyaway Antenna System

    1.2 M auto-pointing flyaway antenna is designed as the one which can transmit and receive signal all over the world. This antenna is compromised of piece reflector and all movable regulators. Such structure makes the antenna possess the characteristics of light weight, convenient package, high rigidity and superior performance.
    The unique optical forming and precise reflector surface provide excellent sidelobe and cross-polarization. The reflector and RF ...
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