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A New Type of Automatic Flyaway Antenna
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Antesky Science Technology Inc. develops A New Type of Automatic Flyaway Antenna(ACF-100K)in view of market demand. The equipment has characteristics of small volume, light weight, simple usage, quick deployment and storage, automatic pointing and tracking, which is integrated in a firm aluminum alloy box. It can be portable or backpack and suitable for field work environment. The system adopts one key operation mode, which is automatic pointing to realize communication according to the information of preset satellite parameter, read GPS and tiltmeter. So the operation personnel only need to turn on systematic power. It is widely applied in emergency and special communication field for transportation, emergency rescue and disaster relief, news reporting, exploration, public security and military, which possesses wide market demand. 
Equipment Component and Structure
ACF-100K Automatic Flyaway Antenna is a mechatronic product with high integration. The equipment consists of antenna and pedestal, feeder line, BUC,LNB,polarization motor, elevation motor and drive, azimuth motor and drive, tiltmeter, GPS, antenna controller, receiver, power, input and output device, satellite modem.
Flyaway satellite communication earth station possesses automatic azimuth, elevation, polarization adjustment function, perfect auto control system and good man-machine interaction design in order to realize one key operation function. ACF-100K flyaway satellite communication earth station adopts 0.6×0.9m diameter offset reflector, which realizes antenna performance of high gain, low sidelobe and low cross polarization. It also adopts modular methods in the design in terms of function and assembly relationship of separate components.
1. Bottom Case
The bottom case is the basis of whole structure system. Power, controller, BUC (power amplifier), receiver is assembled on the bottom case.
2. Middle Case
The middle case is the main part of whole system structure. Antenna reflector and feed system is assembled on the middle case. So the middle case plays a role of antenna pedestal. Azimuth and elevation drive system, input and output module, GPS, tiltmeter is assembled on the middle case.
3. Enclosure
Enclosure mainly plays a role of sealed protection on electric components. Meanwhile it is the main mounting when stowing reflector. Its main surface coincides with reflector curved surface. Enclosure is made of glass-steel instead of metal so as to avoid GPS shield.
4. Reflector and Feed
Reflector and feed, assembled on the middle case, are antenna-feed system of earth station. When stowing, reflector is closed with feed and folded with cover. Under working state, reflector and feed deploy and keep design position. For packing demand, reflector is cut into pieces. And it only remains body part connecting with pedestal. The whole reflector is formed via accurate and fast assembly of reflector in working hours. 
5. Case Cover
North apparatus is installed on the case cover, which is convenient for figuring out direction. At the same time, reflective edge is installed inside the case cover. When packing and shipping, case cover is fitted on the equipment body which consists of bottom case and middle case.
The bottom case, middle case and enclosure are assembled as a body and have good sealing between each other. In order to be convenient for assembly and maintenance, the system adopts CAN data bus structure. Each part of equipment can be easily disassembled as an independent whole.
The servo control system of ACF-100K Automatic Flyaway Antenna adopts GPS receiver and a small tiltmeter. It can control antenna azimuth, elevation and polarization via large scale integrated circuit chip(CPU). Antenna control unit calculates and controls antenna pointing satellite in view of sensor reading, no matter in plain or slope. It adopts closed-loop automatic tracking mode. It outputs level and controls antenna azimuth, elevation and polarization according to satellite beacon tracking receiver’s signal which makes it always locked in the best tracking position to form closed-loop feedback automatic tracking.
ACF-100K Automatic Flyaway Antenna has two categories, which are automatic and manual work mode. Users can switch between two kinds of work mode at any time. When the system starts up, the reflector firstly turns upward. When achieving design angle, it then drives the feed rotating simultaneously via adjustment block assembled on the root of reflector. In the process of searching satellite’s elevation motion, it keeps position relation between them depending on the gravity of feed and pedestal.
Main Specification is as below
Electrical Specification
Diameter  1.0m
Operating Frequency  Tx 14-14.5 GHz
 Rx 12.25-12.75GHz
Gain  Tx More than 40.8+20lg(f(GHz)/14.25)dBi
 Rx More than 39.8+20lg(f(GHz)/12.5)dBi
Polarization  Linear
Cross Polarization Tx More than 33dB(On axis)
 Rx More than 30dB(Across 1dB)
VSWR Tx 1.25:1
 Rx 1.25:1
3dB Beam Width Tx 1.4 deg
 Rx 1.6 deg
Noise Temperature 10 deg El ≤ 53 deg K
 20 degEl ≤ 39 deg K
 30 deg El ≤ 32 deg K
Interface Type WR75
Tx-Rx Isolation More than 80dB
Sidelobe(1 deg ≤θ<20 deg) First sidelobe less than -18dB
Wide Angle Sidelobe 29-25lgθ dBi
Mechanical Specification
Antenna Type Offset elliptic paraboloid antenna
Antenna material Carbon Fiber
Travel Pointing Range Azimuth ± 90°
 Elevation 0°~ +80°
 Polarizaiton ±100°
Control Mode Intelligent terminal :waterproof portable controller
Antenna Weight Less than 40kg
Environmental Specification
Operational Temperature -35 Deg.c - +55 Deg.c
Storage Temperature -40 Deg.c - +70 Deg.c
Operational Wind  Fixed precision 6 Grade