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Antenna Tracking System

Antenna Tracking System

Antesky tracking receiver is digital technology product which possesses excellent frequency tracking precision and super high updating rate, system have beacon identify ability, can prevent interference from the same frequency carrier wave.


* Introduce PLL digital lock-photo frequency synthesis technology.
* Built-in high-speed, high precision AD converter, accurately tracking changes
in field.
* Subsection controllable digital step attenuation
* Digital field instruction
* Step threshold control
* Beacon and carrier wave identify function
* With RS232 digital monitoring interface

Technique Specifications

* Input Frequency: 940.00 to 1750.00 MHz
* Input beacon level: -90 to -20 dBm
* Input interface: L16 50Ohm
* Analog beacon level output: DC 0.00 to 5.00V 4096 layer 8dB/V
* Display resolution: 0.01dBm
* Sweep bandwidth: +-75KHz
* Set step size: step in 1 KHz
* Field intensity attenuation: -10 dB -20 dB -30 dB
* LNB power: ON/OFF +12V switch control
* Remote interface: RS232
* Power system 15W
* Output voltage DC0~5V
* Working voltage AC220V; DC48; DC24V; DC12V (optional)
* Dimensions 19inch (width) *2U (height) *400mm (depth)

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