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Antenna Control System

Antenna Control System
Antesky Antenna Control System can be used with antenna for precision satellite tracking and telemetry control applications. The Antenna Control System is the primary control and monitor interface of the system, featuring a friendly windowing interface and menu-driven configuration.


* Key Stroke Operation
* Target Tracking
* 50 Satellite Positions Preset
* Steptrack
* Program Tracking and Inclined Orbit Tracking only for model 3906
* Three Axis Control for Az, El and Polarization
* Antenna Position Setting
Wherever position antenna locates, antenna position can be set by operating panel or computer.
* Multi-speed Inverter Option
* Big Screen Display of alarm, antenna position and fault indication.
* Remote Control
  Linked Via RS-232 communication ports on the rear
  panel of the ACU.
* Secure Operation
Software and hardware travel limit switches ensure the safety operation.

Technique Specifications

* Display Resolution : 0.01deg
* Tracking Accuracy: better than 10% of receive 3dB beamwidth, RMS
* The Number of Preset Satellite: 50
* Encoding Resolution: 14bits (binary)
* Display Range of Angle 
   Polarization: 0-180deg
* Environmental 
   Indoor Temperature: 0-50Deg.c
   Outdoor Temperature:-30-+60Deg.c
   Humidity Less than 90% (Temperature 20Deg.c?BR>* Operation Voltage:
   ACU: 120/ 220VAC, 50Hz
   PDU: 208/380/460VAC, 50Hz

Antenna Control System()