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  • ·6.2M Earth Station Antenna Characteristics

    6.2M earth station antenna, Satellite communication is the important component in the present communication field, which possesses characteristics of multi-access ability, flexible network, adaptable to change of business volume and network structure, large coverage, unconstrained by distance and geography. Antenna system is the most unique device of satellite ...
  • ·1.0M auto pointing flyaway antenna system

    Antesky ACF-100K 1.0M auto pointing flyaway system is made of Carbon Fiber Offset Parabolic Antenna and waterproof portable controller, which is a type of Satellite antenna system with high precision and possesses the function of one-key pointing to satellite. From deploy, tracking, pointing adjustment to stow this equipment can finish all these operation automatically.
    Assembly is simple and no need to align, as well as rapid pointing. ...
  • ·1.8M Flyaway antenna Introduction

    Antesky 1.8M Flyaway antenna is satellite communication antenna with the advantage of miniaturization and portability, which possesses the characteristics of small volume, light weight, quick assembly, and high precision of reassembly. Generally the flyaway antenna is packed in a backpack or a small box.

    According to the feed position,

  • ·Antesky Introduces Flyaway Antenna

    1. General
    Flyaway antenna is of offset antenna, which is comprised of reflector, feed system, azimuth adjusting mechanism, pitch adjusting mechanism and triangular pedestal, as shown in Fig3-42.

    The antenna is packed in a backpack which can be loaded in ...
  • ·Some notices of Antesky flyaway antenna in usage process

    As for the flyaway antenna station, the antenna is the main equipment which is also easily damaged at the same time. When disassembling the antenna panel, please do light take and put, and don't knock against the antenna surface. And don't contact corrosive strong acid and alkali to avoid damaging antenna surface.

    During use, there is need for regular maintenance and maintenance test to improve service life and communication reliability of antenna. ...
  • ·Antesky Flyaway antenna maintenance

    Flyaway antenna plays a very important part in satellite communication. The antenna works outdoors. Because of the bad eternal environment, the natural environment in using area is fully taken into consideration at the beginning of design. During use, there is need for regular maintenance and maintenance test to improve service life and communication reliability of antenna. We (
  • ·How to site an earth station antenna

    How to site an earth station antenna
    Description Today's requirements for secure, interoperable communications systems, as well as rapidly deployable networks for emergency response, are driving the need for inexpensive, simple, satellite earth station antennas, ranging in size from sub-meter to 5 meters in diameter. When selecting and siting antennas, systems engineers rarely consider the earth station antenna's vulnerability to damage or ...
  • ·Earth Station Antenna Tracking System Introduction

    I. Antesky Antenna tracking system components and working principle

    1. Antenna tracking system composition

    Antenna automatic tracking system is mainly composed of indoor antenna control unit (ACU) and outdoor antenna drive unit (ADU).The control command are operated through the programmable terminal display to realized the antenna azimuth, elevation and polarization ...

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