Technology Literature
  • ¬∑Antesky Introduces 4.5m Earth Station Antenna With High Qualified And Good Performance

    Antesky 4.5-meter C/Ku earth station antenna, which uses a shaped parabolic reflector, provides high gain and exceptional pattern characteristics as well as low VSWR. The panels are made of stretch-formed aluminum sheet and riveted on the precise mould; such structure has the characteristics of higher accuracy and strong rigidity. The reflector is supported by a galvanized steel fixed or motorized pedestal that provides the required stiffness for pointing and tracking accuracy, and it can ...

  • ¬∑Maintenance and Protection for Satellite Earth Station Antenna Control System

    For satellite communication, the normal operation of antenna control system is a necessary prerequisite, so how to properly maintain and protect seems very important. The overall system can be divided into four parts, which are antenna system, feeder system, antenna mount system and antenna control system. Please find below our ante-sky engineers' experience for your reference.



  • ¬∑The Maintenances of Earth Station Antenna from Antesky

    We summarize many years experience of production and maintenance of Earth Station Antenna and combined with the feedback of many customers from all over the world to creat the daily inspection manual. It contain "Surface Maitenance","Antenna Fasteners","Ground","Cable and connector", "Shutdown Maintenance","Maintenance Record".

    The simple maintenance for earth station antenna can reduce the antenna failure...

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