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Vizada Expands Pharostar Maritime VSAT Offering
Date:2012-06-24 22:54       Hits:

  On June 22, Vizada, VAstrium subsidiary, announced that will set up a new maritime VSAT assembly Pharostar, which is a mature antenna with easy installation and accessibilities in wide range vessels industries of medium-size transport, fishing and leisure boats.
  Vizada's new Pharostar service plans are to supply VSAT based on traditional productivity for data allowances to compliment. The packages are to start from 5 GBs of airtime costs of $1,000 with additional options. Besides, Vizada added 60-centimeters and 80-centimeter small Ku-band antennas to the assembly's existing 1-meter antenna, which can be shipped for simple and fast installation on board in pre-assembly.
  This new service can be integrated with a mobile satellite service (MSS) backup in covering full global.
  Ghani Behloul, Vizada Spokesman, said this year Pharostar's covering area is two extension plans; furthermore, it is to reach the South Atlantic and Indian oceans in vessels operating. And he also said these latest additional components of their strategy is to provide the biggest choice to the maritime community and develop the most compound maritime broadcast ways assembly in the market.