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Sky-Stream in Dubai chose Maritime C-Ku-band of Eutelsat
Date:2012-07-30 03:03       Hits:

On July 26, Eutelsat announced that Sky-Stream in Dubai leased their two satellites, which was operated by their company. The purpose for this action was to meet the demands of the customers engaged in the marine and oil & gas industry.

Sky-Stream signed a contract for 70MHz of bandwidth in total, which will be increasingly applied Eutelsat 3C and 10A satellite. Also, they will provide GSM backhaul, Internet access and on-demand video services for oil & gas customers.

Eutelst 3C will be used professionally in extending Middle East Ku-band of Sky-Stream coverage to the luxury yacht market of Mediterranean. While, the extended C-band of Eutelsat 10A will be serve for both maritime and energy industry in the Middle East, across the Africa continent and in Atlantic waters.

Riyadh Al Adely, the Managing Director of Sky-Stream stated that was a strategic partnership. Extending the coverage of Eutelsat 10A to the existing C-band is helpful to support multinational operations across continents and expand the service over the Atlantic. Furthermore, Eutelsat 3C has the huge growth potential in current resources of the luxury yacht market.