news >> Selex chose Viasat Antenna and Modems for NATO Communications
Selex chose Viasat Antenna and Modems for NATO Communications
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  July.11, Viasat confirmed that they have signed a contract with Selex Elsag to provide X-band antenna and its MD-1366 Enhanced Bandwidth Efficient Modem (EBEM). These are

for expanding NATO static ground satellite communications in Belgium and Italy and upgrading services in Greece and Turkey.
 The order amount is more than $10 million, which includes multiple 16 meter and 11.3 meter X-band earth stations, ViaSat MD-1366 modems and services. The new terminals are

estimated to delivery and install at NATO European sites by the end of 2012.

  Viasat said it would develop the technology to supply multicarrier-capable antenna and a secure with Selex and NATO Satellite GROUND Station (SGS) PROJECT with, bandwidth-efficient open standard system to make sure coalition interoperability. And they also stated in the company that MD-1366 EBEM would replace legacy, FDMA modems and ensure future interoperability with joint, allied and coalition forces, as well as a key objective of the U.S. Army WIN-T program and other NATO nation partners.