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What is Backpack/Portable Flyaway Auto Pointing Antenna
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  Backpack/portable flyaway auto pointing satellite communication antenna system allows one personnel to take and operate, which is a type of portable wideband satellite communication antenna system. The whole antenna is highly integrated and can be disassembled in a backpack or an aviation case, allow one person to take to any place. Take out the whole antenna system and assemble it rapidly, and then press one button, the whole satellite communication antenna system will automatically finish the Satellite acquisition, pointing, locking signals and network connection.

  Portable auto pointing flyaway satellite communication antenna system includes ACU control unit, auto pointing control unit, switch input unit, motor drive unit and motor unit. ACU control unit consists of programming module, systematic reset circuit, power module and clock module. Auto pointing control unit consists of manual control unit and beacon control unit. Switch input unit consists of up limit switch, down limit switch, left limit switch, right limit switch and input photoelectric isolation circuit. Motor drive unit consists of azimuth motor drive circuit X, elevation motor drive circuit Y, drive photoelectric isolation circuit and control logic circuit. Motor unit consists of azimuth motor X and elevation motor Y.

  This system has the features of intelligence, portability and strength, which are suitable for extreme work environment. Only few of international developed countries can do the production. This type of auto pointing flyaway antenna system is widely applied in such field of emergency command, fire fighting, meteorology, earthquake, public security, border defense, water conservancy, forestry, environment protection, safety supervision, petroleum exploration, coal mine, quality supervision, news reports and defense equipment.

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