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ATIS Sent Up GPS Interference Initiative
Date:2012-07-23 03:44       Hits:

ATIS Organization announced on July 19 that they made efforts to authenticate technologies that can supply a support for Global Positioning System (GPS) for time, frequency transport and delivery.

ATIS said the purpose of this proposal is to solve the requirements for free North American communication networks from the key relying on GPS-DERIVED timing.

ATIS' Copper/Optical Access, Synchronization and Transport Committee will think to replace the current GPS-based system and the time, frequency transfer ways based on optical and ground radio technologies with less interference of spectrum operating.

ATIS stated that this proposal is an active, industry-driven effort, which is helpful for investigations on this problem of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. GPS has the both sides itself.  In one hand, it can promote accurate synchronization of networks and provides a way of meeting domestic and overseas telecom network synchronization standards. In other hand, it has the potential damage to other radio-based technologies once it was interferenced.